The Speed of Thoughts Players

The Speed of Thoughts Players, New England's Premier Improvisational Comedy Troupe, was born of the dark and brilliant minds of Christian Galpin and Cory Green. Having these two as parents can be tough for a young comedy troupe just stepping onto the playground, but luckily the SOTP can hold their own in a fight, and they've been kicking comedy ass since 1998.

"[Their] spontaneous humor ranged from silly, to absurd, to a touch blue, to belly busting funny."-The Sun Chronicle

Funny indeed. Described in numerous reviews as "dynamic", "hilarious", "provocative" and "in-your-face", the SOTP has busted thousands of bellies in venues all over the Northeast. From colleges, to clubs, to wherever you can think of, the depth and breadth of the SOTP's handle on all things comedic is matched only by their extreme versatility. From 'G-Rated' shows to not-for-the-squeamish 'R-rated' humor, the SOTP can tailor a show that delivers whatever your audience can handle!

In addition to their "Not to be missed!" shows, the SOTP is currently training students in their wickedly inventive workshops! Come and watch as the SOTP's approach to improv comedy gets beaten into their brains. So come on over and check out The SOTP website for all the info you need to satisfy those comedy cravings...The SOTP has a great big heart beneath those twisted minds of theirs, and they don't want you to miss out on "the best improv comedy anywhere ever!"