Balloon Designs with a Twist!

Balloon Designs with a Twist!

Royal and Patty Sorell aka Mr. and Mrs. Balloons started twisting balloons way back in 1988.

Royal Sorell has been performing since 1978. He has appeared on WBZ Evening Magazine, at Boston's Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Entertainment Tonight, and at the White House in Washington D. C. for President and Mrs. Bush.

Since then balloon art for us became not just a hobby but a unique expression of a new and emerging art form. We started creating multiple balloon figures including teddy bears in hearts, lions eating mice, monkeys climbing palm trees and much more. Then the artist in Royal kicked in and he really took off, he created his own balloon versions of famous cartoon characters, balloon masks and full balloon costumes for kids (of any size) to wear. That's when he conceived "Theatre des Ballons" a stage show combining storytelling, mime, balloon costumes and audience members. And we can't help bragging about our large sculptures. The 9' Tall Dragon which we made for the 1995 International Balloon Arts Convention, and a 10' tall cat made of 260 (pencil) balloons which was made for the Japanese Quiz show Naru Hodo - the World and was Featured on the Cover of Balloons and Parties Today Magazine.

Description of programs:

Royal has performances suited for all ages and appropriate for any setting such as:

Stage Shows: A thirty minute to two hour program using selections from his one man review which can be tailored around any theme or venue. Corporate productions are also available.

Walk-arounds: Roving character entertainment for moving crowds and large functions for one or more hours.

Promotions: Vignettes or live mannequin displays to introduce or highlight any product.

Royal Sorell has been performing for audiences of all ages in New England since 1978. A Marcel Marceau - trained mime and award-winning performer, Royal skillfully blends pantomime, clowning skills, magic, balloon art and silliness to create a performance that will amaze, and delight audiences of all ages. Whether as a whether as a mime, magician, clown, balloon artist or specialty character such as Pierrot, or Charlie Chaplin impersonation, Royal Sorell has a charater and act appropriate for all ages and any occasion. RoRo the Clown below is dancing with his balloon broom (photo copyright F. Caccitore 1996)

All of Royal's performances, no matter which character he is, humorously involve the audience members. His versatility in any setting, and any character and his distinctive ability for improvisation in both stage and roving performances has entertained and amused audiences from the White House for President and Mrs. Bush, to the white house down the street.

Did someone say mime? Royal Sorell, a Marcel Marceau trained mime, award winning clown and balloon artist, will delight and entertain with his own unique rendition of popular and often zany characters. Through the use of stylized and elegant gesture combined with appropriate close-up or stage magic, balloon art, comedy juggling, and serious or silly set-ups, Royal humerously involves the audience in his roving and stage performances.

"This time for sure ... Presto! Oops, another kid turned into a rabbit." When the CRAFTY MAGICIAN takes the stage anything can happen and usually does. Always trying to get the tricks (or is that illusions?) straight with ridiculous solutions that almost never work, Royal Sorell humorously involves the audience in his zany antics while he tries to conjure unicorns and create kinetic energy machines or divine lost secrets, "but the book said you have to wrap someone in a rug first!"

Whether performing in a close-up environment or full scale stage production, the CRAFTY MAGICIAN, though he may seem a foolish fakir, always produces what he really tries for ... uproarious laughter.