Reptilian Birthday Party

Sample Show below...Shows can vary slightly, please contact us to find out exact show we have available on your event date!

Have T-Rex the Monitor Lizard, Wally the Alligator, Sunshine the Python and their friends at your birthday party. This program lasts 45 to 60 minutes and includes 8 reptiles from the four reptile groups. We include snakes, turtle and tortoise, lizards and an alligator.

This educational and fun program will dispel the myths and give the facts about these fascinating creatures. We have strict policies on our animals and do not pass them out to the audience. Our animals are comfortable with the educator and it would be cruel to put them under stress with strangers. The birthday person will be allowed to participate with the educator and hold certain animals during demonstrations. After the presentation, that person will have the opportunity to have their picture taken holding certain animals.

The Birthday Program Gifts Includes:

5 Polaroid pictures with certain animals,
one T-shirt and one fun activity booklet.

Please note, during cool or cold weather, parties must be inside. We provide floor and rug protectors that serve as our stage area and we stay upon this surface even with picture taking.

Let us share your fun filled birthday with you!

Reptile Lecture Programs

Reptiles are one of the most feared groups in the animal kingdom. Reptiles are subject to numerous myths and fantastic tales. To help dispel the fables we present our herpetological lecture series. Each program lasts from 45 to 60 minutes and can be tailored to the age/grade or knowledge level of the intended audience. Visual aids such as shed snake skin and reptile skulls are employed for illustration purposes. These programs are intended to be natural history presentations with topics such as habit destruction, poaching, species exploration and the captive management of these animals.

Raptor Lecture Programs
Unlike the Velociraptors of the movie "Jurassic Park," our modern day raptors have feathers as well as scales. The birds of prey are presented in a program that lasts from 45 to 60 minutes and can be easily tailored to the age/grade or knowledge level of the intended audience. In addition to being an enjoyable time for the audience with an opportunity to view a bird of prey up close, these programs are intended to be serious natural history presentations with topics such as habitat, prey and life cycles. We will also discuss matters relating to the management of these magnificent animals.

Other Programs
1. Wildlife observations and studies
2. Vernal pools and other fragile habitats

Special Educational Programs
1. Reptile encounters: Restraint and handling

Learn about your favorite reptiles and raptors!