Mike Viselli as Elvis

Mike was born and raised in Boston, MA. Always being a fan of the "big screen", he started entertaining as a teenager at local theaters in and around Boston. Growing up, he was influenced by great vocal legends such as Mario Lanza, Enrico Caruso, Elvis and Sinatra. Today, Mike continues to been heard on stage, television, radio and print.

"Whenever I am entertaining, I make sure it's like I am stepping on stage for the first time and give it 110% while making sure not to over do it. I have seen guys overkill the audience, you have to know your limits and remember you're an Elvis impersonator, not Elvis".

"I have a tremendous amount of respect not only for Elvis but most entertainers of that era that could perform without all the special effects, digital enhancements or sound equipment that a lot of the act's today need to rely on to make them a better performer. It is no mystery to me why we don't hear many performers of today singing without "stage equipment."

"Elvis was as a true pioneer and legend of the entertainment world. Not only for his stage presence, look and sound but because of his ability to last over 3 decades- he set the standard for entertainment".

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