Juggle This

Stephen King and Ryan Dekoe make a hilarious and odd pair! Together, they have been performing and perfecting their unique brand of comedy since 1990. Their classic vaudevillian style, outrageous sideshow antics, and contemporary humor never fails to win the hearts of even the most hard-to-please audiences.

An outrageously good time awaits you at the next Fly by Night show! American comedians Stephen King and Ryan Dekoe of Boston, Massachusetts have been performing their on-the-edge brand of Dangerous Comedy  since 1990. This odd and hilarious duo combine a bizarre mix of stand up comedy, juggling, sideshow antics, and "other various skills and proficiencies," into one extremely popular and unforgettable show.

Their show entitled JUGGLE THIS! has a classical vaudevillian style, coupled with the sarcastic temperament of modern stand up comedians. Snappy comedic dialog, quick-witted improvisation, audience participation, amazing technical skill not to mention excitement and danger, sets the pulse of the show. Fly by Night's high-energy performances and quirky sense of humor have been witnessed internationally by hundreds of thousands of people.

Steve and Ryan of Fly by Night have a certain synergy that is hard to find in a comedic duo. Their professionalism and polish as artists, is a result of countless hours of training, performing, hard work, and a passion for entertaining.