Eric Manfredonia

davina j.
Plaistow, NH 11/13/2004

Date of Purchase: 10/04.
Service Performed: Disc Jockey for surprise 30th Birthday Party..

Comments: Our Disc Jockeys name was Eric and he was amazing. The whole process was easy. I picked songs that I wanted and we talked details the week before and he did everything we taked about. I was so nervous that week and he just eased my mind with his excitement and the amount of experience he had. He just played the best music. Everyone loved him. They danced all night long and after 5 hours they were all so bummed it was over. We incorporated a halloween party into the mix with raffles and contest and he worked all that into his night. I will be using this company again and again as well as a lot of people who were at the party. What a great Party and a great company!.