Music & Imagination
Creative Expression Through Music and Play

~ About the Performer ~

Elaine Kessler has been working with children as a Music and Movement Specialist for the last 7 years. She currently works with several preschools and daycares in this area often singing with 100-300 children in any given week. In addition, she is often hired by School Enrichment Programs throughout Massachusetts, bringing her Music, Movement and Imagination program to other children. She also frequently performs at birthday parties for children between the ages of 1-7 years.

Elaine has trained other teachers and daycare providers, in the fun of combining the elements of music, movement and imagination and how to bring it into their everyday curriculum. She has a Masters degree in Social Work from Boston University and worked with children and their families for 10 years as a Licensed Social Worker.

Elaine is a member of the ECMMA (Early Childhood Music and Movement Association), and attends conferences and trainings to gain new insights in child development and music in early childhood. She is the Music Coordinator for the Girl Scouts in Medway, helping to make music an active part of scouting.

She is married and has two children, Leah age 14 and Tyler age 12.

My program material and costumes are musically and seasonally based. During the summer, I dress as a Sun Princess and the children will meet a mischievous goat who makes quite a mess with pom poms. I do Halloween programs dressed as a (child friendly) witch and bring a pumpkin with a tricky black cat that pops out, whom the children love. I perform my fall program dressed in overalls and dancing with feathers that we pretend are leaves and we the wind. I am now doing my winter program dressed as the Snow Princess where we skate on paper plates and have an indoor snowball fight.

In addition we may dance with jingles and shakers, tell stories, or do finger plays all designed to encourage interactive participation for children between the ages of 2-7. Also, I have played the guitar since childhood and will often do a song or two with guitar accompaniment. My programs last about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

~ Sing familiar songs with some guitar accompaniment ~
~ Dance with simple instruments ~
~ Meet and play with puppet friends ~
~ This interactive program encourages children to Sing,
Dance, Play and Pretend ~

~ Birthday Parties for children ages 3-7 ~
~ Preschool thru 1st grade enrichment programs ~
~ Daycares ~ Fundraisers ~ Library Story Hour ~


Client: Dean Community Outreach
Date: 4/23/08
Event: Community Function
Service: Elaine Kessler/Storyteller

Please rate the following categories from 1 to 5, with 5 being "Excellent" and 1 being "Poor".
Appearance: 5 - loved how she dressed for our theme!
General Ability Level: 5
Expectation Level (did the performer live up to your expectations): 5
Promptness: 5
Comments: Elaine was WONDERFUL! Very engaging and energetic. I know that the children (and their parents) loved her. Our students even had a fun time!