David Connor


David Connor is the premiere Paul Revere in the Boston area and beyond. There is simply no-one better than him. He has been the Paul Revere at the Paul Revere house in Boston for many year's and has worked at countless Public and Private Events along with many Television shows. If hired, David would be happy to speak with you and tailor his appearance as much as possible to your needs. David puts on a "Performance" along with standard "walk around" inter-action. He can stage a one man play called "Paul Revere Tonight" which can last as long as one hour and fifteen minutes. As part of his "walk around" he throws blocks of tea, has Silver Platters etc. If you had him there multiple days he could certainly provide variety within his performance. Listed below are some of the many programs he has created. David Connor can also lead people on a guided tour of historic sites in Boston, Lexington and Concord.

  David Connor has been performing accurate, informative and entertaining historical lectures for almost three decades. He always appears in historically accurate colonial period clothing with many artifacts and visual aids to enhance his educational, fact-filled presentations.
Famous portrait of Paul Revere by Sargent Portrait of Dave Connor as Paul Revere
Famous portrait of Paul Revere
by John Singleton Copley
Portrait of David Connor
as Paul Revere

by Courtney Skinner
  He has been filmed portraying Paul Revere on cable's "A & E Biography" series. He also represents Revere for the Paul Revere Memorial Association (Revere House), Old North Church, State House and others.
Filming on Boston Common Filming for History Channel
...on Paul Revere Mall
under the Statue of Paul Revere
...on Cable's "A&E Network"
Biography of Paul Revere

Paul Revere Tonight - The Play

  Within the very walls of the Old North Church, hear a story about Paul's family background. Hear the Truth behind the Boston Massacre as told by Pvt. White, a British Soldier. Listen to more details about the Tea Party. Relive the exciting adventure of the ride, capture, escape and the Battle of Lexington Green. Lt. Col. Paul Revere tells about Newport, Castine and the results of his court martial.
Paul Revere Tonight - The Play at The Old North Church Paul Revere Tonight - The Play at The Old North Church Paul Revere Tonight - The Play at The Old North Church
  The play can be brought to your venue or arrangements may be made to see it at The Old North Church.

Show and Tell

  As seen at the Paul Revere House Courtyard, a chest full of artifacts spur questions to learn about Paul and his time.
Paul Revere Tonight Show and Tell
  There is no set script for this program. I will go in any direction the questions take us. This is what keeps it fresh and me on my toes.


  Students are asked to model clothing of the period and see how they feel. Each constume has a story to go with it.

  As apprentice, house servant, British Soldiers, Cavalry, Early American War, Late American Light Infantry Soldier (Deborah Sampson) and an Officer. We talk about what was expected of men, women and children during the course of the war.

Paul and Rachel

   Paul and his wife Rachel are going through a box Paul has found in the attic. Lets see what things they find in it. What stories do these items hold.

  Rachel is played by Joan Gatturna and together they tell about some of the events leading up to the start of the Revolution. Joan and David may be seen at the Paul Revere House on Fridays in the fall.

The Story of the Flags

   Not many people realize that at the time of the War in Boston we were not fighting for a new country. We were still negotiating for peace and representation with England. 16 months after Lexington and Concord is when we signed the Declaration of Independence.

  Using over 40 Colonial flags learn the timeline for the events of the Revolution. This program has become very popular since 9/11.

British Soldier

   A survivor of the British 5th Regiment of Foot tells his story. Learn about the preparations before the march to Concord.

   What happened when the colonists took up arms? How did they get back to Boston? Who really won at Bunker Hill? How did Washington force the troops out of Boston?