Dan Berthiume

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for providing exceptional entertainment for Nikhol's Sweet Sixteen birthday party. It was a huge success! Really, the credit goes to Dan, the DJ....He was incredible!

He showed up in plenty of time, played music even as we were decorating, which motivated us, and was very professional. Once the kids started showing up, at first it was the usual boys together in one corner, and girls together in the other. Dan broke the ice and got them on the dance floor having the time of their life.

Even the boys were dancing, doing what they do, break-dancing or whatever it is called these days and eventually the boys & girls were dancing together. I even found myself up on the dance floor having a ball, which I never expected considering I have not been out dancing in years.

Dan made us all feel comfortable and relaxed and he set the mood for a smashing time. He accomodated every request and I had friends asking me where I found this incredible DJ. Everyone complimented me on putting together a great party, but I have to say, it would have been nothing special without Dan.

I will be recommending PartyMakers to all my friends and requesting Dan's presence for future parties to come. Thank you for making my daughter's party a complete success!


Norma DiTusa