Andi the Clown

Hello my name is Andi and I have been a professional clown for over fourteen years. I am very talented in doing hand painted temporary tattoos and I do an incredible job in creating fantastic eye designs and face designs. Her many talents are that she can copy anything and create it on the skin. She can draw Disney characters and can do any kind of painting that a child wants. She has over 100 pictures to choose from. She is very good with children and has had numerous parents tell her that their children have never sat so still with anyone before and the children have waited up to two hours to have her paint them. I also have many balloon animals and hats to choose from.

Client: Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
Event: Corporate Function
Service: Temporary Tattoos
Entertainer: Andrea Glass
Please rate the following categories from 1 to 5, with 5 being "Excellent" and 1 being "Poor".
Appearance: 5
General Ability Level: 5
Expectation Level (did the performer live up to your expectations): 5
Promptness: 5
Comments: Both of the temporary tattoo artists were very pleasant and did a great job.