Gilligan Shawn

Age: 23
Hometown: Quincy, MA
Gilligan Characteristics: I have no idea how to do anything that involves the outdoors. I can't fish, I don't like hammocks and I hate having sand stuck to me. The original Gilligan also had no outdoor skills, so I think we are a perfect match. I may come across as a jackass and goofy, but when it comes to a competition, I'm a worthy competitor.
Typical Gilligan Move: I tried to sneak on the golf course by my house, but I didn't notice a golfer hit his 8 iron from 150 yards away. The ball hit me, and when I gained consciousness, I was covered in blood and had a giant dent in my forehead.
Hobbies: Getting into savage shape at the gym and using my razor sharp wit to meet as many girls as humanly possible.
Ginger or Mary Ann: Ginger
New Gilligan's Theme Song: Sloop John B. by the Beach Boys

Gilligan Shawn Now Available for Appearances!!

Shawn Manning aka "Gilligan Shawn" on the Real Gilligan's Island, premiering June of '05, is now available for personal appearances. Shawn is personable, accommodating and willing to work under any reasonable circumstances.

Much of the new show will focus on Shawn's triumph over and daily ritual of survival with Type 1 diabetes. Shawn is a tremendous role model for people with diabetes or any other type of illness requiring daily monitoring. Boston Party Makers can provide or assist in ancillary entertainment for Shawn's appearances.

We can coordinate Team Building, "Game Show" set ups, Video presentations and more. Shawn is very accommodating and will work with clients and vendors under any reasonable circumstances to make their event and his appearance as successful as possible.

Ask about "Maryann" Mandy also!

Contact Mark Bloomstein c/o Boston Party Makers